Baby Girl Hair Brush, with Soft Bristle / Princess (Yellow)

Baby Girl Hair Brush, with Soft Bristle / Princess (Yellow)
  • Does not cause static electricity
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Safe rounded shapes
  • Dimensions: Height 15,5 cm x Widest point 6 cm
  • Age: 0+

BabyOno hair brush is made of delicate and exceptionally soft synthetic bristle which neigther irritates the skin nor causes hair to pick up static.
This makes the hair brush a perfect nursing accessory for youngest babies.
Using the brush regularly to massage your baby’s head strengthens the baby’s hair and speeds up its growth.
Before first use, pour hot water over the brush (do not boil!) and dry.
To keep the brush and comb clean every day, wash it in warm water with baby soap.
Once washed, the set should be carefully rinsed and dried.
The product is not a toy, keep it out of reach of children.
Please, retain the packaging for future reference.

*The product has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the valid directives and standards of the European Union.

Strict manufacturing control ensures top quality and product safety.

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