Dark blonde Refreshing Hair Dye | Smart Beauty

Dark blonde Refreshing Hair Dye | Smart Beauty
  • Revitalise your hair colour between permanent hair dying procedures
  • Blends away grey hair, strengthens fading colour, covers root growth leaving natural multi-tonal colours
  • PPD, Ammonia and Persulphate free; so safe for people with allergies, and women who are pregnant
  • Easy and safe to use; effective as a 3 minute conditioner on wet hair
  • Smart Colour Boosts are not tested on animals and are suitable for Vegans

Dark Blonde Colour Boost conditioner will effectively blend root growth or grey hair back to a natural blonde. It is designed to match either natural or permanently dyed blonde hair, giving rich tonal colour. Free from PPD, Ammonia and Persulphates, this is safe to use for people with allergies to hair dye, and for women who are pregnant. Effective as a 3 minute conditioner on wet hair, Colour Boost can be applied for 30 minutes on dry hair for a stronger result. Comb in and rinse out. Smart Beauty Dark Blonde Refreshing Hair Dye provide outstanding depth and tone with all over intensive colour, shine and condition. In a growing range of natural colours, Colour Boost will strengthen a fading colour, blend grey or cover root growth.

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