Dr.Schedu Berlin Keratin Collagen dead sea salts Shampoo 200 ml 100% Silicon free, 100% Parabene free & 100% cruelty free – made in Germany!

Dr.Schedu Berlin Keratin Collagen dead sea salts Shampoo 200 ml 100% Silicon free, 100% Parabene free & 100% cruelty free - made in Germany!
  • 100% Free of silicone,parabene, paraffine, ammonia, formaldehyde! This Dr. Schedu’s advanced shampoo formula is excellent for daily, gentle, effective cleansing for all hair and skin types.
  • Our new unique formula containing mild silicone-free cleansers helps to produce beautiful, healthy hair.
  • The high keratin ensures smooth, soft, moisturized hair with a dazzling glow.
  • Calcium, magnesium, sodium, and many other dead sea minerals from a depth of 400m (1300 feet) bestow new elasticity and easy to manage hair.
  • Surrounding each hair shaft like a film, the collagen serves to treat fine breaks, increasing your hairs volume, smoothness and protection.Made in Germany!

Application Distribute small amount of shampoo on to wet hair, massage your hair and scalp with your fingertips. Leave on for 3 minutes and then rinse well. Suitable for daily use.” About us: A company with heart and mind, innovations and ideas! With heart and soul, the company Dr.Schedu Berlin stands behind its products and always provides fascinating new ideas to address the needs of its customers. To keep our uniqueness, we offer individually tailored products, allowing your hair to steal the limelight – no matter what hair colour you have, or if you have fine or thick hair. Dr.Schedu Berlin stands for tradition, technology and quality. From its beginnings until today, the renowned company is producing all products exclusively in Germany, where they are well planned and bottled. Our unique products are developed in cooperation with leading dermatologists and scientists . Get full hairdressing competence at home – with luxurious salon quality at affordable prices! Our completely new way of hair care works differently than traditional hair care series and provides impressive, effortless and great looks! A heart for orphans! Dr. Schedu Assists orphans in Iraq with a one Euro donation for each sold product via its distributors! Our products are 100% silicone free, paraben free, paraffin free, as well as free from ammonia and formaldehyde! Animals should not suffer! Our products are 100% cruelty free! In regards to the development and safety evaluation of our products or their components no animal testing have been conducted to meet the laws of Third countries. Our products are based on a specific combinations of natural, highly concentrated ingredients of the highest quality. Minerals and salts from 400 meters depth of the Dead Sea strengthen your hair. Keratin, collagen and amino acids together support the balance of a nice, healthy and shiny hair, strengthen its structure and rebuild damaged hair.

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