Hair Electric straightener straightening brush-AsaVea (Black)

Hair Electric straightener straightening brush-AsaVea (Black)
  • WARNING! Only [EU-Soulmy] sell real original AsaVea products. [Cheerful Bargains Ltd] sell FAKE products! Amazon will deal with it soon, PLEASE CHECK THE SELLER WHEN YOU ORDER IT!
  • Heating Faster: takes 1-2 minutes to reach and maintain optimum heat levels (80-230℃, 176-450℉) using professional-grade ceramic heaters.
  • EASY TO USE: LOCK/UNLOCK the temperature bypressing the power button. Pressing “+” and “-” at the same time willswitch to a ℉display. The advanced liquid crystal display lets you control and monitor its temperature with ease. With rotating the base cord, you can style your hair from any angle.
  • EASY TO TRANSPORT: The new Asavea hair straightening brush is slim, compact, and comes with its own travel case.

Finish hair straightening in 10-20 minutes!

AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush -A Good Helper of Busy Women, Best Seller Product

–Are you a busy professional woman, or housewife?
–Do you feel distressed because of your mashed hair and your children’s unkempt hair?
–Do you want to go to the hair salon, but the long waiting lines and 3 to 5 hours’ process deter you from going there?
–Do you want to use a flat iron straightener, however, your scalding skin and fingers, the smell of your burning hair, the complicated tricks, and your kids getting impatient at the flat iron, all make you step back?

The new generation hair straighteners from AsaVea make hair straightening and molding as easy as combing your hair. You can straighten your hair within 10-20 minutes, which previously took you one hour and even more before.

–The AsaVea hair straightener makes you become your own stylist, and let you go to work, do household chores, and visit friends more quickly.
–The unique Anti-Scalding Technology keeps the surface of the comb teeth at a low temperature ,which makes your whole body safe.
–As bestseller in UK, the AsaVea Hair straightener is ahead of many brands, has its owned independent design patents certified by the CE, FCC and UL. It is constructed of quality plastic materials.

Tips for best straightening results:

1. Wash your hair and dry it
2. Spray on some heat protectant
3. Brush once with a regular brush
4. Go through with AsaVea hair straightener brush5.Finsh straightening in 30 minutes

You can also wash your hair the night before,and straighten the hair in the morning. That also saves time!

AsaVea is bestseller for a long time, and has gained most customers trust and support. If you are not satisfied with it, we have 100% Refund Guarantee!

Don’t hesitate, try it now!

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