INOAR Duo POS Progress Shampoo and Conditioner Kit 250 ml

INOAR Duo POS Progress Shampoo and Conditioner Kit 250 ml
  • Salt free
  • Containing cocoa and hydrolyzed keratin
  • Suitable for all types of hair
  • The kit pos-progress prolongs the effects of the brazilian keratin treatments
  • Elasticity and softness

After a Brazilian keratin treatment, keep your hair smooth and straight longer with this shampoo and conditioner duo. The innovative nano-particle formula deeply sinks into the hair to hydrate and nourish./p> ;/strong>/p> BENEFITS/p> Gently cleanses and hydrates./p> Protects hair./strong>/p> Prolongs Brazilian keratin treatment./p> /strong>KEY INGREDIENTS/p> Keratin: /strong>rebuilds damaged areas, increasing shine and reducing frizz./p> Cacao extract: antioxidant-rich it promotes hair health, boosting its natural glow./p>

HOW TO USE/p> STEP 1 – Wash hair with the shampoo to gently cleanse./p> STEP 2 – Apply the conditioner and leave for up to 5 minutes STEP 3 ; Rinse and style as desired./p> PRODUCT SAFETY/p> Dermatologically tested./p> Not suitable for children under 7 years./p> To be used under the direct adult supervision./p>

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