La Roche Posay Kerium Intensive Anti-Hairloss Treatment – 125 gr

La Roche Posay Kerium Intensive Anti-Hairloss Treatment - 125 gr
  • Ref – 897-11052
  • Brand – La Roche Posay
  • Content – 125 gr

Many factors (heredity, hormones, nutritional deficiencies, changes of season) can lead to more significant hair loss, which may become permanent throughout the year (in men), or cyclical (in women). However, the severity of persistent hair loss varies from one person to another: therefore, men and women who suffer from persistent hair loss notice that it intensifies during periods of fatigue or overwork. Breakthrough discovery: dermatologists have identified an essential acceleratory factor for hair loss in men and women. Today, they’re able to explain this phenomenon: the scalp registeres stress and translates in into a micro-irritation, whose repercussions are felt all the way up to the capillary bulb, triggering off the hair loss phase. In partnership with dermatologists, La Roche Posay Laboratories have formulated a solution which responds directly to these new findings: KERIUM ANTI-HAIR LOSS. DOUBLE ANTI-HAIR LOSS ACTION: MADECASSOSIDE: Resorbs the micro-irration at the origin of hair loss and prevents its chain reaction all the way up to the capillary bulb. AMINEXIL: Fights against stiffening of the collagen sheath responsible for bulb suffocation, and anchors the hair root within the scalp. KERIUM ANTI-HAIR LOSS contains La ROche Posay Thermal Spring Waterm rich in the anti-free radical Selenium, to complete the action of Madecassoside, and cellular nutritients (vitamin B5 + arginine) to nourish the hair at its root and strengthen the fiber. RESULTS: PROLONGED CAPILLARY GROWTH IN 6 WEEKS clinically proven under dermatological control. USE: Hair loss and hair length are often different in men and women. Short hair, sparse areas (notably the temples and crown) in men; long hair , a thinning of fibers and diffuse hair loss in women, 2 adapted applicators have been developed to respond to the specific hair loss needs of both men and women. If blocked, pump can be cleared by running under warm water. 125 ml

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