MANE Coloured Hair Thickening Spray (Light Brown)

MANE Coloured Hair Thickening Spray (Light Brown)
  • Spray Mane Hair Thickening product onto thinning hair to produce a thicker, fuller looking head of hair in seconds
  • It’s quick, easy and effective to use
  • Can be used for all normal lifestyle activities – including all sports (even swimming)
  • Is resistant to wind, rain and perspiration
  • Washes out with warm water and shampoo

The Mane Hair Thickening spray uses micron sized naturally occurring minerals in powder form. When you spray the Mane Hair Thickening product onto your fine or thinning hair, the micro powders adhere to your hair shaft – no matter how fine – and so make the hair shaft thicker and opaque with colour – which in turn gives the look of instantly fuller and thicker looking hair. Use Mane Seal and Control to hold your style in place. The Mane Hair thickening spray powders are neutral; they will not harm your remaining hair and can be easily removed with warm water and shampoo. Cover your roots – Although originally created as a means of making your hair look thicker, the specialised technology in the product gives such complete coverage of the hair shafts, that it will also cover the appearance of roots if you usually colour your hair. Cover your roots with Mane Hair Thickening Spray as often as you desire. It is completely safe to use and comes in an easy to use spray.

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